1. Why is the name White Feather?

Two reasons. Kimberly thought it sounded elegant and angelic, peaceful and beautiful. Buddy thought it was cool because it was the nickname of Carlos Hathcock, the deadliest Marine sniper in history.

2. What is the process to purchase an investment?

Investments are allocated to WFI members based on several factors, including how best an investment fits your Financial Freedom Strategy and how prepared you are to invest. There is also priority given to Mastermind members and Eagles when it comes to new opportunities.

3. Who are WFI's competitors?

Awesome question! WFI doesn’t have competitors. The main reason is because the mission for WFI is to help an entire generation of military members achieve financial freedom, and there is NO WAY we can do it alone! If your mission is big enough you are forced to see the abundance in the world instead of the scarcity of competition.

4. What sets WFI apart?

We are not a normal business, and we will never be a big “corporation.” We will maintain a scrappy, irreverent startup mentality until the end of time. We are a coalition of military members that are relentlessly driving toward financial freedom for every one of our members. We value integrity above everything, demand action, and hold each other accountable. And our mission is big as hell.

5. How is someone able to run a business while on active duty?

You have to have a talented team that can pick up the slack when you are at work. You have to build systems and processes that can automate as much as possible and then be prepared to be ruthlessly efficient during the times you can dedicate to your business. Interestingly, being forced to operate that way means you have to act like a CEO instead of a normal "business owner" which will make you more successful in the long run.

6. What is the experience level of the guys teaching the course?

What do they know about real estate? Buddy has been investing for 12 years, and has done hundreds of deals that include Flips, Wholesales, Trust Deed Lending, Self Directed IRA Investing, Trusts, Apartment Buildings, Seller Financed Deals, VA House Hacking, Short Term Rentals, and a ton more. His affiliates like Mark Kohler, their resumes are insane.

7. How much are these guys making from me?

That depends on how bad you are at poker, Buddy is undefeated in his garage tournaments! For doing deals, nothing. Buddy negotiated with all of his turnkey providers to have them compensate WFI for bringing investors so he didn’t have to charge anything to you. But you are expected to learn during the process and referring your friends would be totally cool.

8. How is WFI able to compete in the market?

Relationships. No kidding, most of the people who do business with us could sell their products to other people for more money. They deal with us because they believe in our mission and we always keep our word no matter what. Plus we are super charming and Greg is quite handsome.

9. Do I really have to pay for a course to be able to invest?

No, the course is only for people who are looking to take massive action toward Financial Freedom, and it’s invitation only so you have to apply and there are limited seats. But education is critical to becoming an investor, so even if you only do an investment you should be prepared to learn as much as possible during the process.

10. What kind of deals has WFI done?

Mostly turnkey Single Family Rentals but also a bunch of small multi-family deals, a few bigger apartments, and one horrible LiteCoin investment Buddy made when he was on his third margarita one evening.

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